Thursday, July 12, 2018

4 Months

Weight  15 lbs 7 oz • 50th percentile
Height • 25.6 inches • 65th percentile
Head • 16.2 inches • 50th percentile

1.. 2.. 3.. 4 months already! This has been a fun month of firsts for our little man. Emmett is laughing!!! He thinks his daddy and grandpa Billy are the funniest. His giggles are quite literally the best sound in the world. He still loves the tub and gets the biggest smile the second I put him in the water. He loves to kick and splash and suck on his washcloth while mama bathes him. He no longer enjoys his car seat or binky. DARN. I have a permanent seat in the back with him whenever we go anywhere. Emmett is getting on more of a routine and is taking longer naps. He still stays up way too late with mom and dad every night, but sleeps in until 9:30 - 10:00 almost everyday. {I'm not quite ready to get him on an earlier bedtime schedule. I appreciate sleeping in too much!} Emmett can roll onto his tummy, and now prefers to lay that way.. I think we've got a tummy sleeper on our hands. He also found his feet and is constantly holding & playing with them. Little dude LOVES his youtube shows and is all smiles when a song comes on that he likes. He started rubbing his eyes when he's tired which is a huge indicator that he'll be asleep in five minutes or less if I put him down. Emmett can't get enough of his turtle toy, swimming in the pool, playing under the blankets, and watching mom dance around like a crazy lady. He is such a happy baby and we still can't believe that he's ours!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Goldsberry Campout

We've got a sick baby and mama over here. Booooo. Thankful for vicks dayquil and infant tylenol today. Emmett and I have been going non-stop since last week AND little man had his 4 month shots yesterday, so I'm hoping that today is a day of rest... snuggles... a little blogging... and maybe an episode of the bachelorette haha.

Now lets rewind to last weekend. On June 29th, me and my boys drove up to Apen Grove to spend a night camping with the Goldsberry clan. Emmett did noooot enjoy the drive, and it didn't help that my phone maps took us to the wrong location almost an hour away from where we needed to be {eye roll}. Luckily we made it just in time for smores. Everyone else had been camping for an extra day or two, but we decided one night would be more than enough with our four month old and limited camping gear. It was fun having so much of the family together! It has been years since we've camped with the Goldsberry side.


^^ I'm AMAZED at these pictures Austin took.

Emmett slept surprisingly well considering how uncomfortable and cold it was! He only woke up ONCE to eat. As for me... I probably got a total of one hour of sleep that night.

Still laughing about Jason's shorts over sweatpants look hahaha. Turns out he was doing it for the pockets, not the style ;)

Emmett's first camping trip is in the books! We sure enjoyed our one night mountain getaway. 

Now time to go snuggle my boy.